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Just by visiting us on the web shows that your on your way toward educating yourself and getting closer to helping us help you achieve a healthy weight for life and a happier new you!

All our professional staff are committed to treating morbid obesity utilizing only the latest proven medical and surgical techniques, including laparoscopic surgery resulting in shorter hospital stays. The program also offers long-term support and follow-up options. Most bariatric patients can and do achieve major weight loss and experience sustained long-term weight control.

We understand that morbid obesity surgery is a very personal decision to make but at the same time you won't be going through this alone. With our help, together with your loved ones, you can determine weather weight loss surgery is the best choice for you but getting to that point can be difficult and thus may be a struggle for you and your family.

The advantage is simple:

  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss
  • Bariatric Surgery Treatment Options
  • Proven Track Record of Weight Loss Success
  • Experienced Healthcare Team
  • Surgeons Specializing in Bariatric Surgery

You have come this far so we know that you are determined to learn more about gastric bypass surgery or weight loss surgery and further investigate just what it takes to put your life on a path that leads you back to health and away from the deathly grip of obesity. Remember, weight loss surgery is a last resort treatment meaning you have tried and failed to change any one or combination of the following factors/treatments: environmental/behavioral (dietary, physical exercise), biological (pharmacological). If you have, it is time talk with our medical experts that can determine the right path for you!

Specializing in
        minimally invasive surgery
     for the treatment of
           morbid obesity.